Dear Parents & Guardians!

I am humbly thankful to Allah Almighty, for conferring me with gracious opportunity; where I am chosen to shoulder one of the most sacred duty to serve the most deserving and deprived region of South Waziristan Tribal District for the next two years. This tenacious task ahead demands selfless commitment and dedication. In fact, it’s a rare opportunity to see the saplings growing and talent transforming into full bloom; blossoming towards national mainstream aromatically. The enormity of this task reminds me of Jenny Sanford who says, Ask not for a lighter burden but for broader shoulders” and, this maxim makes me passionate and confident to put my contributions rather a lion share to invigorate highly qualitative academic journey of this great alma mater more vigorously.

Soon after assuming the assignment as Principal Cadet College Spinkai on October 06, 2020 and conducting an orientation visit of inns and corners, a reality dawns upon me contrary to my previous experiences. Education is rather an idea, and not just about joining bricks to make buildings earning appreciations and towering infrastructure to let people feel the difference. But, it is about building character on sound footings, inspiring minds with care and respect as prime virtues and above all sense of compassion, support, honesty and humanity. So, I solemnly pledge to inculcate all these rich values in Buraqs and in my team members; founded on our strong cultural ethics. I assure my worthy readers that my priority remains focussed on transforming my Buraqs into men, who demonstrate strong character with vibrant practices and shine with exceptional performance in all fields.

At the same time, I assure my worthy readers that the journey of academic excellence with better prospects, promising pursuits and more accomplishments will still stay on the go and I will strengthen all mediums; linking our prime objective leaving no stone unturned to nourish the young minds meritoriously.  I believe sound education in contemporary challenging arena is the greatest reinforcement which lays the foundation of successful life ahead. I am greatly satisfied with the qualitative standards of academics at campus in vogue and shall make earnest endeavours to shine more, wherever deemed vital in the days to come. IN SHA ALLAH!

Indeed, essential infrastructural uplift is vital to ensure conducive teaching and learning environment towards more result-oriented and receptive outcome; reinforced with capable workforce who work day and night to make living standard of Buraqs and other staff better. Recently, many projects have been completed adding more to the overall canvas of excellence.  I along with my team members of academic faculty and administrative staff are putting endeavours at our best to ensure gradual but consistent improvement of the College. I proudly acknowledge that CCS holds many distinctions and accomplishments in its embryonic stage which ascertains its stance of being next to none in comparison to other well-established institutions. CCS feels pride of having diligent and laborious Buraqs, professional and experienced faculty; and dedicated and committed staff.

I look forward and extend you a warm invitation to join CCS Team as a cadet, so as to LEARN from the best, become a symbol of strong impact and master your potentials to CONTRIBUTE to the future of our beloved motherland. At the end, I hope and pray Allah Almighty grant us the wisdom to discover the right, the will to choose and the strength to make it endure. We bow our heads to bless us with strength to come up to the aspirations of our leadership, society and that of our country.