Area and People

South Waziristan Agency is the largest agency with respect to area in the tribal belt. It is the land of rugged, trackless, sterile and barren mountains. It has witnessed a period of turmoil, infighting and lawlessness for a prolonged period, displacing most of its population. The situation resulted in drastic and serious consequences on the youth of the area which curtailed durable and long lasting opportunities in education, health, business, and social integrity. A considerable bulk was annexed to cattle breeding, farming and smuggling. Literacy rate was not even in count. Wealthy people preferred to settle in settled belt for future prospects. After the military operation carried out by the Army in 2010, control of the area was regained. Stabilization of the area was soon followed by rehabilitation process which among many other facets included investment in education, health and healthy living standards in the future. The gradual repatriation of the internally displaced population started and the trust of the people was slowly won by the army. Incepting Cadet College Spinkai shown the keen interest of the Pak Army to provide quality education and personality development training to selected and promising youth of South Waziristan Agency in particular and FATA and KP in general, encompassing knowledge, skill and character building so as to nurture them into becoming good human beings, balanced Muslim and patriotic citizen having confidence to face future challenges and contribute to the good of the nation. College will contribute towards enhancement of awareness among the tribesmen and channelize their potential to bring them in the national mainstream.