I.T Club

Welcome to our College Computer Lab.

Our college IT lab use as a tools of technology to enhance learning, increase productivity, communicate, and promote creativity as 21st Century Learners.

Our lab has 36 Core i3-laptops available for Cadets and College staff. They all have CD-DVD/RW Super Drives. All laptops are connected to our college networking system and the internet. All of our Cadets may access their files from any computer in the building. This allows students to review and revise saved work at times other than their class lab time.

Our instructional goal is to assist students in how to use the computers and associated software as tools to stimulate and enrich their classroom learning experiences. Students learn technology skills that include keyboarding skills, word processing, spreadsheets, file management, safety on the net, integrating digital media, communication tools, and understanding basic computer terminology while working with software programs such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Inspiration, Kid Pix, Photoshop editors, Audio & video editor, Painting, and more.

In addition to learning computer skills that will help them throughout their school career, and everyday life, the computer lessons are being used to reenforce the core curriculum that is being taught in their classrooms. For example, one week the students may use the Internet to learn about sports as part of their curriculum and the next week they may use computer to prepare PowerPoint presentation about the sports they researched. All classes meet for 40 minutes per week for computer instruction and any teacher can bring their class to the lab during non-instruction periods for group technology activities…