Cadet College Spinkai (CCS) is functional since April 2012. Right from its inception, tremendous efforts have been undertaken to improve the overall standards of the college and bring it at par with contemporary institutions of the country. Being in its embryonic stage, it is important to learn from the experience of well-established and renowned institutions. In line with directions of COAS, efforts are being made to give exposure to our cadets through visits to various educational and military institutions.

 To provide exposure to cadets through visits to different academic and military institutions for their educational grooming and recreation.

Desired objectives of visit are as follows: –

  • To promote sentiments of national integration / cohesion while enhancing awareness by visiting prestigious institutions, tourist places and major cities of Pakistan.
  • To comprehend academic, military, and extracurricular activities of renowned institutions.
  • To interact with the students and staff of other cadet colleges for their better understanding.
  • To gain an insight to selection criteria and academic challenges for entry into higher educational institutions.
  • To introduce vision, mission and gradual progression of other institutions.
  • To improve awareness pertaining management and conduct of academic routine as well as administrative matters.