Prize Distribution Ceremony-2nd Term Exam 2020

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A graceful and dignified prize distribution ceremony, based on 2nd term exam was held at CCS on Feb 10, 2020. The prime purpose of this colourful ceremony was to encourage and acknowledge the efforts and academic achievements of position holders through certificates of appreciation, shields, sashes, free shopping vouchers & cash prizes in the presence of parents. Principal CCS, Col. Khalid Mehmood, being the chief guest, graced the occasion and distributed the prizes among the cadets and teachers as well. He applauded the high morale of the Buraqs, commitment, significance of educational trica: teachers-parents & cadets, wholeheartedly. Prior to refreshment, parents also addressed the audience and shared the feelings and sense of satisfaction and gratitude, commended the constructive role of CCS administration and declared cadet college Spinkai, the most prestigious and bona fide institution in curricular and extra curricular activities among the contemporaries colleges.

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