Exposure Visit-2019 Day 4th – July 25.

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Cadets enjoyed wholeheartedly and passed a very hectic day at, ” Mona Remount Depot” and enthusiastically greeted by Cap. Sammar on the reception. It was, beyond any doubt, such an amazing and wonderful place sprawled over a vast area of more than 10,000 acres; Mona Depot today stands out as the prime breeding grounds for finest quality horses, mules and donkeys. These animals are being provided to the Pak Army for riding, games and supply of goods to remote and hard areas. Cadets dispersed into different directions of the auspicious depot and enjoyed the scenic beauty and captured the moments in cameras through selfies. Cadets and respected faculty members enjoyed midday meal in open air. At the end, College Souvenir was presented to host officer, Cap. Sammar by the tour officer with reciprocal emotions of gratitude and respect.

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